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Tracheal Obstruction or Narrowing

Tracheal stenosis is a constriction of the windpipe that is associated with a number of symptoms, including difficulty breathing (dyspnea), coughing, and wheezing. The breathing issue is especially obvious when the patients have to exert themselves, as when going up stairs. Because these symptoms are also often associated with bronchitis or asthma, it is important to see a physician who is experienced in the diagnosis of voice and swallowing disorders. Tracheal narrowing or stenosis is most often caused by having a breathing tube in the trachea for an extended period of time. Prolonged presence of a breathing tube causes trauma in the round breathing tube, and when the body tries to heal, it forms a scar that narrows the breathing tube. But there can be other causes:

  • Prolonged breathing tube use
  • Trauma
  • Inhalation injury — as in inhaling hot air in a fire
  • Tumors
  • Inflammatory processes such as Wegner's granulomatosis

Unfortunately, this is not a problem that responds to medical therapy. In cases when the narrowing is minimal and the symptoms are minimal, observing the patient is the most prudent course, but when the patient has symptoms, surgery is the only option.

Fig. 20 Tracheal Obstruction & Narrowing Fig. 21 Tracheal Stenosis


Tracheal Resection and Reanastomosis

The surgical correction of tracheal stenosis involves removing the portion of the windpipe that is narrow and reattaching the remaining ends of the windpipe together. Dr. Babak Larian is an experienced head and neck surgeon who expertly treats tracheal stenosis through tracheal resection and reanastomosis, as well as, in minor cases, laser treatment.

Fig. 22 Stenosis Site Fig. 23Tracheal Resection Fig. 24 Tracheal Reanastomosis


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